Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008


An absolutely glorious morning, much of it spent in the reserve, where I met S, my best birding buddy.  Irritatingly (because we think we've pinned down her usual fishing beat) we didn't see the kingfisher, but just after we parted I walked into this lovely little goldcrest.  How could it not have made my morning?

In Extras you will see the other sighting of the day - just incredible in December!

Anyway, later, dropping off my camera at home, I went to buy Christmas presents - not all of them, just the ones that need posting, which will be tomorrow's job.  Oh goodness, aren't the festivities coming up fast.  At this point I always wonder if I'll make it, but in the end, like all things, it comes and goes.

Have a lovely evening, dear blipfriends  xx

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