By ArcLight

Unmistakable skyline

I mostly worked from home, which allowed me to do a lengthy peloton workout to get the week started off on the right foot.

Chairing interviews (on zoom...not my favourite platform) in the afternoon, and then I shot up to George Street on the bus to go to E's lecture on AI at the RSE. Interesting to listen to, and fun to hang out with some other book group people, having some nice chats and catch ups. I could have stayed longer, but I managed to time my exit to get a Number 10 almost opposite. None the less, the effects of eating, drinking and lively chatting made it hard to get to sleep in a timely fashion. I'm not good with this going out lark at the moment.

I had just enough time to wander the Christmas Market briefly to see just what a mess it is. A lot of people promenading. Almost no one buying anything. But it got me a blip of the unmistakable Edinburgh skyline, which I've messed around with a bit for a suitably atmospheric effect.

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