By pensionspoet

Team gathering

Today has flown in a bit of a blur. Work very busy, but also very cold in the morning. I finished at about 1 and rushed some lunch, whilst preparing for a team meeting at 2. My team were working from their own homes in the morning, then driving to mine for a meeting at 2, which I hoped would last until 4pm.

Everyone arrived safely, and we started our meeting on time. I managed to talk- pretty much non-stop for more than 2 hours. We got through a lot, and came away with lots of actions for the coming weeks, to enable 2024 to be more productive, and to allow us to navigate the many piles of work stacking up on our task lists.

That done, we made pizzas, enjoyed nibbles, lit a fire and played silly games. Several of the games I have passed on to be played at family gatherings this Christmas. We chatted, laughed and generally, I think, had an enjoyable time in each others company. I feel really lucky to have such a lovely group of people in my team.

Heading to bed now.

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