By hazelh

Sequinned Christmas dove of peace

On arrival at the gym this morning, I learnt that I had missed the email to say that today's aquafit and strength training classes had been cancelled: our fitness trainer Marc is unwell. 

There were a few others who also discovered this news late. Most of them decided to go for a dip in the pool. Ali (from Joppa) and I, however, opted first for a DIY strength training 'class' in the studio. We started with the usual warm-up exercises, and ended with stretches. Between these we worked with kettlebells, the TRX, medicine balls, free weights, the rowing machine, and the exercise bike. We also sat against the wall with our knees at 90 degrees, planked twice, and completed a couple of sets of burpees. The session was not as balanced as one of Marc's, but we were pleased to complete two circuits in the same amount of time that we would have normally spent in our strength training class. Afterwards we both went for a swim.

I spent the whole afternoon in the kitchen preparing dishes for a wee dinner party: smoked salmon pâté; gnocchi with dolcelatte, parma ham, figs, and hazelnuts served with rocket salad; and sticky toffee pudding. Our guests were Bella and her sister Lucy. As well as eating and drinking (enthusiastically!) we played two games of Catan (wins for Mr hazelh and Lucy) and one of Kittens (a win for Bella). It was a great celebration of our first time together since July 2022, and Lucy's first full day of retirement.

I have blipped the wee sequinned Christmas dove of peace that Bella and Lucy brought us as a present this evening (along with Champagne and Tunnocks teacakes).

Exercise today: 30 minutes on the exercise bike; DIY strength training 'class'; swim (30 lengths); walking (14,544 steps).

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