By hazelh

Crystal tea light holder

The good news is that 50% of my sleep last night was categorised as deep. The bad news is that I only managed four hours of slumber (4:00am to 8:00am). I was mainly kept awake by the howling wind. The overindulgence at supper with Bella and Lucy, and the pain of my nasal vestibulitis, probably didn't help.

Today we have mainly pottered in the house, catching up on domestic and admin chores. We will be more active tomorrow. The wind has been less annoying in daylight hours because it has helped speed up the process of drying six loads of washing.

This morning it was lovely to receive a call from Mummy hazelh's (literally) oldest friend (he's almost 99), and then a long email from the farmer whose feral cats I blipped in March 2020. Both were prompted to make contact having received Mummy hazelh's Christmas cards posted on Sunday.

I have blipped the present that I received at Monday's book group gathering. I love the way that the lead crystal plays with the Christmas lights.

Exercise today: none.

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