By hazelh

Belgian chocolate thins with caramel and sea salt

A warning: these chocolate thins are highly addictive. Mummy hazelh and I shared a whole box of them when lying on her bed this afternoon. Mike and Susie brought them as a present when they came to our drinks party on 9th December. They purchased them in Costco. Thank goodness I don't have a card for that shop!

Poor Mummy hazelh has suffered from terrible backache today. That's the reason for my keeping her company in her room this afternoon. I read my book as she winced/dozed.

Meanwhile Mr hazelh has been out all day. He drove all the way to Hexham and back to join my middle sister and brother-in-law (Paddy's parents) to embark on phase 1 of clearing my mother's house. They updated me on progress over the course of the day. It's a huge job. 

Mr hazelh returned to Edinburgh with a lot of Mummy hazelh's personal possessions. I will need to sort through them tomorrow. I predict that many of the clothes will be destined for the charity shops/bin.

In other news, between my stints of caring today, I managed to pick up my work on the journal paper that I have been trying to finish for the past three months.

Exercise today: none.

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