By hazelh

Packages and labels

I know that this blip is not very seasonal, but it does sum up my day. I worked my way through two bulging suitcases crammed with Mummy hazelh's clothes that Mr hazelh brought back from Northumberland yesterday. I assigned them to three piles: (1) bin; (2) recycle: (3) keep - at least for the time being. My blip shows four labelled carrier bags destined for the charity shop. Meanwhile Mr hazelh has dedicated himself to spring-cleaning Mummy hazelh's laptop, which also came to Edinburgh yesterday

My contribution to Christmas prep today was to collect our turkey from Crombies, concoct a trifle (mainly for myself because I don't like Christmas pudding), and make bread sauce.

Poor Mummy hazelh has been in terrible back pain again today. She has been trying her best to lessen it by walking up and down the hall with her wheeled walker, just like Mr hazelh did when he suffered in a similar way in July 2020. I hope that she will be well enough to join us for Christmas dinner tomorrow, not least because we are already two guests down.

Mr hazelh and I will shout up the chimney later, following a tradition that I have discovered is extremely local. Until recently I thought that everyone communicated with Father Christmas in this way.

Exercise today: small amount of walking (9,595 steps).

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