By hazelh

Polly and a new picture

This afternoon I was hoping to create some bathroom graffiti at Brian and Bridget's house as is my annual habit on 2nd January each year. Just imagine my shock and horror to discover that the letters had disappeared from the wall! I soon realised that the challenge now is to create a picture from the shapes. The wee tropical scene with the palm tree at the top of the blip is mine. Modelling this is Brian and Bridget's daughter Polly.

Mr hazelh's day was dominated by the big 2023 photo sort ahead of creating our annual photograph album. Mummy hazelh watched the New Year's Day concert from Vienna on the iPlayer. I prepared dinner for tonight and tomorrow before sneaking off to Brian and Bridget's party with Jack (now recovered from his Hogmanay excesses) and Katharine.

Exercise today: walking (11,846 steps).

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