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Joy Challenge results

Happy New Year!

Thanks to everyone who tagged a blip that sparked joy in their life between 17th - 31st December. We loved how the bubbles in blipper AH14's cover picture jumped off the screen.

Christmas was a strong theme, with lots of colourful decorations spotted both out and about and in cosy homes. Fourstory's simple description of a delightful Christmas Day and Crispin25's Night before Christmas gave us warm and fuzzy feelings!

How many jolly Santas can you count here? Maybe easier to count these lovely smiles. December also brought a visit to the pantomime and lots of family gatherings - we love it when the pets get involved! Hope the gingerbread tasted good, annhof...

Children featured heavily of course; they enjoyed a bonfire in Switzerland, flying kites in Flamborough and the exhilaration of a snow storm. One can imagine the pride and joy in a perfect little granddaughter. And who could resist these wee faces?

Tigger101 ventured out in a gale to capture rare nacreous clouds while other blips sounded a lot more relaxing. JennyOwen found joy in nature and there was a definite jump for joy for Jeanneb53. Congratulations to NetteNet who celebrated ten years of blipping! 
Two favourites:
Out of the Blue by BernardYoung - loved the poem.
If only we could bottle this by ruthie1 - special Christmas memories.

Signing off with snapjax's little symbol of peace and some words Arachne wrote on our first BCJoy post:

"My thoughts go out to anyone who is lonely, bereaved, ill, or caring for someone at this hardest time of the year... Even if joy is not headed your way right now, I wish it for you in the future."

See you in February,

Cat and Lindsay
Community volunteers

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