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Strictly Steampunk? (and Mono Monday Results)

Yes, its another of Gill's fabric artworks ... she remains in hospital due to some pesky fluid which shows up on a chest x-ray and needs to be gone for her to be safely discharged.   Despite that, she is making good progress.

Today's learning point ... trying to sit on a patients air mattress is not going to go well.  The mattress has several chambers which fill and slightly deflate to reduce the chance of bed sores developing.  Its quite disconcerting when this happens to the section a visitor is sitting on.
I doubt Modern Matron's would approve either.

Thanks for your visits to my journal and comments too - much appreciated even though I don't really have time to respond (sorry!). 

Mono Monday Results for 15th  Jan 2024 (MM521)
Favourites to:
Trisharooni – A rainy agapanthus
Cor61 – Night-time palms
Freespiral – Nature reclaiming a window frame
RHelena – Roadside trees in a snowstorm
DonnaWanna – A branching Gum Tree
Honourable Mentions to:
Marlieske – Meltwater on a bud
LouLou 164 – Mono Cut Flowers
Corinthian – A frozen leaf
RMeinz – A striking Tree against a Streaming Sky
JulesJourney – The Ochils across a Landscape
Special Mentions:
Fotoplay – Frost Patterns
Fitzbilly – Deserves a mention just for pushing the boundaries

ChrisP – Long winter shadows
CarolineJay – Crescent Moon  
Many thanks to everyone who entered – there was a great variety as ever and I found it difficult to pick the favourites and HMs.   So I've decided to have a few more special mentions than usual!
Next week is MM522 and the theme is: A book/film title (any book/film you like, or a person/place associated with a book etc)
hint - I am a fan of Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey Maturin series :-)

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