By seizetheday

Two lighthouses

An emergency Blip! Three photos, all taken several years ago, of two lighthouses - the red and white one is on the end of the pier at Berwick-upon-Tweed, the other is on St Mary's Island in Whitley Bay. The sky in the bottom photo really was that colour, and on that day a surfer was enjoying the waves! Rather him than me - the sea was wild!

The photos are on the wall in our utility room, so I glance at them in passing several times a day. How lucky we were to live in Northumberland for a while, so near to the sea! It seems an awful long way away now.

Anyway, here the temperature is rising and by this evening most of the ice and snow had gone. MrM was working at the music shop, and I spent the day catching up with correspondence and ticking items off the  ''to do' list, mostly boring admin stuff but it needs to be done.

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