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By curns

Elvis night

About 6:30pm we headed out to London for another of “The Crazy Coqs presents” musical evenings. This one was Elvis-themed. Initially, we thought we’d skip this one because I don’t think either of us are big Elvis fans but I am very glad we did not. It was, probably, one of the best.  All the songs Mark selected were, of course, known, but the singers all managed to carry a hint of Elvis without impersonating them (although there was, at least one, ‘Thank you very much’ in a Tennessee drawl).  Pictured is Elliot David Parkes who had, apparently, flown down from performing in Scotland to perform.  The crowd were really up for the party as well, which made it all the more fun.

We survived the evening on low-alcohol or alcohol-free drinks which age may body a rest from the worst excessed of the last week.

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