Penguin Droppings

By gen2

Pyrola minor - Common Wintergreen

I came across this last week just 10 minutes out of town (Kirkcaldy) and have now been back 3 times (between showers) trying to get the best possible image of it in situ. It is a seldom seen plant of the north of England and Scotland and surprised me with its presence here.

It is of course possibly a garden escape but unlikely as there are very few specialist seed merchants that stock this and it seems slow and difficult to nurture. The housing in close proximity to this site was only built within the last 5 years and prior to that was a derelict coalmine.

Fortunately I had long ago once seen a related species so I had a place to start searching for an ID.

Pyrola minor, Common Wintergreen, is also known as snowline wintergreen, perhaps suggesting its more usual habitat.

NB. This plant is NOT the source of 'Oil of Wintergreen'. Many unrelated plants get called 'Wintergreen' simply for being evergreen.

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