By Teasel

The Cascade

I slept late today.  BB slept even later.  TT was just heading out to church when I made it downstairs – which was still before 9am I should add.  I took a while to get myself going though and could really have gone back to bed with my book and probably snoozed.  Instead I psyched myself up for a run,.  I went out for a wee warm up run/walk first off discovered it was really windy.  I wasn’t sure about running.  In the end I walked my 5km route – at least I walked into the wind for about a mile, then ran the rest of the route back home with the wind mainly behind me.  Even running down the hill was hard work, as I was running into the wind.
After lunch I tried to get BB to come out for a walk with me to get some fresh air.  He declined again.  TT was marking again, so I ventured out myself and it was even windier than earlier on.   When I came back BB and I watched Mr Bates v the Post Office.  TT cooked again.
BB is planning on going back to school tomorrow.  He is still under the weather, he isn’t eating, and he hasn’t left the house in a week.  I’m not sure it is the best idea.
I haven’t walked along this stretch of the river for ages due to a very muddy path. 

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