By Teasel


No rugby this morning.  I’m not entirely sure why there was no rugby, something about they didn’t want to travel and the opposition didn’t want to travel.  Didn’t make much sense to me.  TT headed to the Post Office and church, and I headed dot the Farmers’ Market for some baked provisions.   I then wandered into town and to St Mary’s Pleasance which was open.  It was lovely and sunny and I had a wander round looking for snowdrops and to also admire the aconites which are out in force.  I then wandered by the river, back into town, popped into the supermarket and then home.
I was doing a few chores when BB appeared saying he needed lunch as he had to get to football.  I’m glad he was paying attention as we had lost track of time.   TT cobbled some cheese toasties together, which BB was happy with.  They had a swift lunch then TT took him down to football.  I enjoyed a more leisurely lunch then went out for a walk in the sunshine, out through the golf course and back along by the river to  football.  They scored just after I got there – which was an equaliser.  They were playing really well, but in the end they lost, which was very unlucky.  They were very unhappy and BB wasn’t for speaking too.
TT  cooked up a storm in the kitchen for tea – a delicious chicken curry with a mushroom side dish.  Later we watched A Spy Among Friends.  I think “we” watched three episodes, but I definitely dozed off, so I may have to watch it all again.
You can just make out the shape of St Mary’s Parish Church behind these catkins.  The extra is  a clump of aconites which border the laburnum arch

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