By Jamjar

I popped up to the allotments this morning to check if mine had been marked out, and it had. I had a chat to the owner of the original whole plot, they're retaining half of it and I'm having half of what's left. If you look closely you can see the string running both width and lengthways. The plot was massive, no wonder they can no longer manage it! Then I met her husband as he'd just arrived.

I went back after lunch with tools and wellies and made a start. I know I was going to do "no dig", but realistically I'm not going to manage that this year, so I started the digging, weeding and levelling, and put in the path that will be at the end of the plot.

The parking isn't very good there, with room for only three cars at the most, so I parked over the road. If I got a wheelbarrow I could just walk there with it...

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