By Teasel

Aconite Patch

We almost slept in this morning.  Luckily I woke up, as BB was still fast asleep.  After a bit of a rush, he probably made it to school on time.  I had thought about a run, but it was so dark and so very windy, that I decided against it and just did a few chores before a friend picked me up mid-morning.
We went for a walk through Lennoxlove Estate, then along the river and back through town to a local café for soup and a cheese scone, which went down very well.  My friend was then going off to the hospital to visit her father in law, and I went to the supermarket, then headed home.  BB was home, having been at a DofE meeting after school.  He is almost done, but not quite.  I have been nagging him,  but getting nowhere, so hope their leader told him to get his finger out.
I realised that I had forgotten that I needed to buy food for rugby tomorrow, so later in the afternoon, I headed out for a walk in the wind, coming back by the other supermarket, where I picked up what I needed.  It was then home to make tea.  I think BB mostly slept on the sofa this afternoon, shattered from being back at school and then rugby training last night.  He’s still not one hundred per cent, but is definitely improving.
BB and I watched the France/Ireland game – well I was only half watching it.  BB appeared home, having played football, and then later we watched Graham Norton.
Bit of an emergency blip today.  I had to crawl under some trees to get to this patch of aconites, with a few snowdrops thrown in.

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