By Teasel


We all had a bit of a long lie this morning.  TT headed to church and I dropped BB off for pre-match training at the rugby club.  I wasn’t sure how we was going to get on, but he was determined to play today.  I came home and pegged my washing out, with lots of pegs, as yet again, it was very windy.
TT and I then went back down to watch the rugby match.  As ever it was very sociable with lots of chat amongst the parents.  Rugby is far more sociable than football.  They played well, but didn’t win.  The opposition was the best under 18 team in Scotland apparently.  BB struggled and asked to come off during the first half, but to his credit he went back on for the second half.  After the match the club President and one of the coaches had a chat with BB to sound him out for playing for the Club once he has finished school.  BB was quietly pleased about this, though as he is hoping to go off to University, that will probably not work out for him.  Anyway it will have been good for his confidence, especially as he is not fighting fit just now.
BB wasn’t playing football this afternoon.  There is no way he could have played two matches of anything today, but thankfully the timings meant that it just wasn’t possible.  Instead, he had lunch, then took up residence on the sofa for the England/Italy game.  TT was half watching and I decided to go out for a walk – in the wind.
I got back home just after the Scotland/Wales match had started – that turned out to be a game of two halves, and Scotland just managed a win in the end.  TT was mostly cooking tea when that match was on.  Another Saturday, another lovely curry. 
After tea, BB headed off to see R.  TT continued watching Criminal Record, but ran out of episodes.  I need to watch if from the beginning as I have missed too much (through dozing off) and have no real idea what is going on.  I half read my book instead.
Not much in the way of blips today, but you can never have too many snowdrops at this time of year.  This clump is by the river path.

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