Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


4.2.24 :)))

It's been a perfect weather day (22degC max), and I never left the flat. ARGH. G made a delicious omelette for dinner, so I'm glad I got the camera out.

Other than that, I've ironed, finished off another video, sold a calendar to a friend who came to collect it, watched a couple of movies (including one of the life of John Denver), and tidied up my room. G went to the morning service at HTC on her own again and had a free evening as her Swiss kids were in London!

IKEA delivered my new chair, but as the old one is still with me, I can't assemble it yet. I have managed to find a new home for my old chair.

And we received very sad news from rachelwhynot in the evening.

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