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Stars for Eternity

1350 years ago, St Wilfrid founded a church in Hexham. The Abbey is celebrating this in various ways. I missed seeing the illuminated sheep and the Festival of Flame at the weekend, but the Stars for Eternity remain.

Thousands of local people have folded origami stars and written on them the names of their heroes, or someone who has brightened a life, or a loved one who has died. The stars are high above our heads and the dedications are private, like prayers.

I had a different plan for this morning because Joan was here for 3 hours. It was very windy, so I decided not to drive far. I did a bit of shopping in the centre of town - clothes pegs, dishcloths, meths and greetings cards.

To my disappointment, the book shop was closed.

I had taken my Sony A9 with me and it was good to use a “proper” camera for a change!

My extra shows a close up of some of the stars. More on Facebook.

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