By JanetMayes

The weather we have

I hoped for a bright day and a good walk while S was with J today, but it didn't happen. Instead, I wandered rather disconsolately down Vicarage Lane, around the village and back home through the square, rather late in the afternoon when the cloud was still low but the drizzle had just about stopped. More positively though, I took the opportunity to experiment with my new phone camera, and was quite impressed with what it managed to do in such unpromising conditions. The main photo is a reflection in a large puddle in a rather dark lane; the extra, taken around sunset (though the sun was nowhere to be seen), shows the lighted entrance and windows of the refurbished pub in the square. There were several others, all quite different from each other, which I also quite liked. It's convenient that they save to Google photos, and can therefore be accessed and edited from my computer, and although I can of course download them to edit, the basic editing in Google photos seems broadly comparable to the Windows photo software I'm used to using for basic crops and adjustments. The phone is a little too large for my pockets, and I'm not yet very adept at holding it steady and using my fingers to frame a shot, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. 

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