By Jamjar

I walked (with barrow etc) up to the allotments midmorning, taking the chitted (just about) potatoes with me. I measured the width of the first bed and path and marked out the next - which will be for the onions, then the next - which is where I put the potatoes, levelling as I went. The ground is quite wet so I hope they don't rot. Then I barrowed two loads of bark chippings from the pile near the entrance and spread them over the two new paths. 

That was enough, I was knackered and my back had had enough. By the time I'd walked the barrow home I had 40 minutes to make and eat lunch before driving to Littleover for my art course.

And today was using oil pastels, which is a first for me and I really enjoyed working with them. We played with them for a while, and then began to draw the avocado that we'd been provided with. I am naturally heavy handed so I enjoyed being able to layer the colours on the paper, then use the blending stick to mix them. I can see why they're called oil pastels. At the end of the class all of our work was displayed and discussed. 

Extra of the allotment. 

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