By KatesGardenPDX

A Better Day

No tripping over uneven sidewalks today....I doubt I'll ever walk on a sidewalk again! The good news is that I got an appointment for tomorrow morning with the orthopedist who did my wrist surgery...she works with the elbow down to the fingers. Hopefully it will all be good news, well as far as a fractured proximal radius can be. I hope that they won't put a cast on my arm...please, please, please.....

Thanks so much for your very kind words of support yesterday....it really means the world to me.

Last night I tried to open a can of cat food and burst into tears....it's all too much. Too much pain, too few working thumbs and hands, too much to try to do anything. I felt so overwhelmed and useless. I had a nice long chat with my sister in Mexico and felt much better. At least today was sunny, which helped my mood.

Sort of slow going, but my neighbor and dear friend came by for an hour this morning to give me a hand baking my fave Teff scones. It's kind of a bummer having only a half a hand to work with. But I realized that the timeline (currently) for the elbow healing more or less matches the healing of the wrist. So in about 4 weeks time I should at least be able to use my putter. Now that is a great motivation!

This tulip is in a container of spring bulbs that I bought at Trader Joe's. I've got it outside in my courtyard where it's perfectly happy - Tete-a-Tete Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinths. They'll come in slowly and will cheer me up.

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