There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

There's A New Lady Cardinal in Town

This is a tale in which love WINS.
It isn't every day that those who have loved and lost get a second chance. 
But sometimes, magic happens. . . .

Our male cardinal lost his mate in July; poor Lady Cardinal was hit by a car. But I found her and we buried her, with love and tears and remembrance. How he cried for her, like his very soul had been wrenched out. You could hardly bear to hear it. But hear it, we could, from every room inside our house, his cry was that loud.

But now there is a new Lady Cardinal in the yard. I have not gotten pictures of them together yet, but I hope to. On this morning, both birds were out sitting amid the fresh snow (in the end, we got just 2 to 4 inches), waiting for their breakfast. Oh, and yes, my husband went out and fed them just a few minutes later.

So here is the new Lady Cardinal on our acre. She is more green than red, but you can see some red hints here and there, as well as her bright pink lipstick. Isn't she beautiful? The male has ceased his heartbroken cries and taken to feeding her. One of these days, if I can get a shot of that, I'll post it here. :-)

Our soundtrack song is Lady, sung by Kenny Rogers and Lionel Richie.

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