By PicturePoems


Birds love hiding in this bush, and looking for insects. It's covered in flowers right outside our bedroom window. Last year, if I remember correctly, it flowered pre-leaf, as here, and again later in the spring after the leaves had opened. Hope it does the same this year.

Spent half the day chez Family B. I was only popping over to mind the children while our daughter popped out for a quick blood-test. Of course, it's really hard to leave ... 

As yesterday, it was quite mild, and the children played in the garden while washing was pegged on the line. The young master is now big enough to sit in the little swing, which he loves. 

When I, at last, prepared to leave, little Miss B announced she didn't want me to go. I know we get on well, but I think that's a first, bless her! Maybe it's cos she sees less of me now that she's at school. (This week it's half-term.) 

Late afternoon, we popped to Lidl in Bourne, only to find ourselves following Family B's car as our respective routes merged! They were going shopping at the same store, at the same time as us! Lots of smiles all round! 

Headed home towards a glorious golden sunset.

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