Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Shut Up!

This was too fun to pass up so even though the focus is soft in some spots, it had to be my choice for today.  I didn't get out until late afternoon so the light was actually pretty nice although the snow complicated things a bit.  I set the EC to -1.0 to offset the bright background, but even so I had to lift shadows and exposure in LR.  All part of the fun, though.  The species featured are a female House Finch and a male Dark Eyed Junco.  Although there was plenty of food available, these two continued to spar for several minutes, giving me lots of frames.  

Today is my Dad's birthday so we FaceTimed this morning.  It's windy and chilly today in Beaverton so they were not planning any walks today.  But a trip to Starbucks was definitely in the cards.

Hubs drove about 60 miles north of us to pick up a set of tires for his race car.  And while he was gone, Jax, Charlie and I did yoga.  It's cold and windy here too so I wasn't inclined to take the boy on a walk today.  Not to mention that our favorite spot for walks is still quite snowy.  And speaking of snow...we may get a couple of inches of fresh snow overnight.  Which could make tomorrow a more interesting day for photography!  

Last night's movie was "Searching for Bobby Fisher" which we both enjoyed very much.  Although I've never played Chess, I enjoyed every bit of the movie.  Definitely a feel-good movie.

Dark with orange today.


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