Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Good Bones

I decided to go with a Derelict theme today. (thanks to Marlieske)  I had time to take a drive to a nearby state forest/lake and knew I wanted to capture this old barn in some fashion.  I think the State Park service uses it for storage - at least I hope so because it has good bones and it would be shame to waste all that space.  At one time this land was farmed, but it's been many years/decades since any farming was done here. I will put the barn in its entirety in Extra if you'd like to see it. The lake had a wonderful assortment of migratory ducks although all too far away for good shots.  Also saw a bald eagle, red-shouldered hawk, bluebirds and more.  And all of this while enjoying temperatures in the mid 60's!

I dropped Jax off at day care this morning - he was greeted with open arms as always - they genuinely love him I think.  Then back home to have a birthday FT chat with my dad who turned 90 today.  He and Mom looked great and had some adventures planned for the day, including chocolate donuts and a trip to Starbucks.  Happy birthday, Dad - love you!

And, now for the TinyTuesday results.  Never easy narrowing it down to just a few favorites, but I've done my best.  My hearts this week go to:
AnnieBelle for a fab exoskeleton of a cicada (totally appealing to my Geeky side)
JensPhotos because, well, the eyes always have it!
KangaZu because...snowdrops and bees - need I say more?
Andrew44 because the details on the hellebore are just beautiful
Jose58 because I think I just needed a bouquet of spring

And the Honorable Mentions...
Steveng for a really great take on the challenge
Hanulli for a sweet and lovely valentine
Ilja for a dash of whimsy
SimpleMoments for such a heartfelt Valentine's message and image
Beewatcher for a double dose of spring

Next week's optional theme is "seasonal" which can be interpreted many ways so have fun.  The tag will be #TT404

Phoebe Update:  the vet gave her an anti-nausea shot and some meds to calm any stomach irritation.  We are to watch her for the next few days and if she continues to improve we will restart her thyroid meds at half-dose next week.  Continued good thoughts appreciated.

And dark truffles today - yum!


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