I Witness

By KangaZu

Tiny Tuesday ...

... Honey bees?!?!

Indeed ... honey bee!

As I mentioned yesterday we saw some honey bees on the snowdrops during our walk.  We returned to Housenick for another lunchtime walk hoping that the bees would be there.  And they were!  It's wonderful seeing all these signs of Spring ... especially in the middle of February.

When we returned from our walk I sat outside for a while as the weather has been wonderfully warm.  This is will sound like a broken record ... but I'm still on the lookout for chipmunks.  I was hoping for some chippy love today on Valentine's day.  But didn't get any.  :-(

But I got lots of love from R and the cats.  I felt bad because for the first time in 40+ years I was unable to get a Valentine's card for R because of my positive covid status.  I'm sure he understood.  ♥♥♥

Thanks to Debbi for hosting Tiny Tuesday this month.  Maybe you can help me identify the species of honey bee this might be.   

I was going to convert this to mono for the Mono Month Challenge but when I did I didn't like it.  So full color it's going be. 

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