By biddy

“Here’s looking at you kid……”

Perched on our neighbours’ fence post looking in through our kitchen window.
A wet soggy start to the morning.
The Great Spotted Woodpecker was on the fat ball feeder when I had opened the patio window curtains. I went to get my camera, but as is always the way, he spotted me attempting to take the photo!
A squabbling gang of Shebbies ( Starlings) then arrived bossing each other about.
Our pair of robins were flitting here and there. I took a photo of one of them sitting on the edge of the reconstituted bird bath. It had started to leak so I repurposed it into a miniature rockery last year.
Photo in extras.
We are out to lunch today with a couple of our friends, one of whom is Thierry who takes the Zoom French conversation class.,
Then we will go to our 5:00pm service at church.

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