Keith B

By keibr

Climbing High

The day started with some morning sledging in the field and some spectacular digging in various places in the garden. As I mentioned yesterday, snow had crashed off the roof late in the evening, and this morning we needed some serious digging to get into the cellar.
However the real adventure was later in the day when we headed off to the beach at Smitingen. The aim was to look at the frozen sea (see extra) but for Arthur the high point (literally) was this giant 4 meter high climbing pyramid. I was happy because I've been longing to come here with a child, so I had a good excuse to climb up. Today it happened. It's an exciting climb, particularly for an almost 5 year-year-old boy, and Arthur was up and down several times!
It was a long day and we all decided on an early night. I crashed out so early I didn't even stay awake to blip, so this is a backblip!

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