Keith B

By keibr

Lakeside Picnic and evening fire

After a very early night last night we slept soundly and awoke at a fairly normal time. (The night was so early I didn't even have energy to blip - so today there are two blips!
Local activity in the sunny weather today. We snowshoed out across the frozen lake, and Jan found this delightful spot on the shore of the lake where we could eat our picnic. Out in the sun, sheltered from the slight breeze, and a fallen tree to sit on.
Arthur was still a little under the weather so after snowshoeing the first kilometer or so he collapsed into the sledge, mostly pulled by his Dad. Freya slept the first part of the walk and was carried by Mum.
Later in the day and back home we had a fire as it got dark (extra). I built the fire, Arthur fed it with many small branches from the felled tree, Jan came with mulled wine, Chris and Jess took it turns to look after the kids, and cook dinner back in The Red House.
A good time was had by all.

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