By Teasel

River Reflections

It was a lovely morning.  TT headed off to church and I headed out to get some milk and a newspaper.  I then psyched myself to go out for a run.  I had hardly run any distance when I bumped into a friend who was out walking her dog.  I stopped for a chat, but not for long otherwise I may never have got going again.  I did the same route as on Friday.  I was too warm, but didn’t dare go out without a baselayer – ne’er cast a clout and all that.   My legs felt really tired by the time I got back home.  I recovered with toast and very tasty marmalade.
TT volunteered to do lunch again – which I was happy to let him crack on with.  He then went up on the roof to investigate a leak.  We think the winter storms have not been good to our roof.  I left him to it, with BB’s assistance.  I headed out for a wee walk/wander to stretch my legs and to pick up a few things for tea.  TT had volunteered to cook tea as well.  Which means, I’ve had a whole weekend with no real cooking – hurrah!
Later BB wanted to watch the BAFTA film awards.  I joined him for some of it – and my predictions were all spot on.  He was very impressed!  Even later I watched interesting programme about the River Tay.
Another blip taken from the Nungate Bridge, looking over to the Waterside.  There were even people sitting outside enjoying a drink – in February – in Scotland!

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