By MrsK277

Happy place

All up, packed and out by 8.40am on our way for time in Norfolk. Listening to Sunday Love Songs without Steve Wright, who passed away suddenly on Monday. So many songs evoke so many memories and you could imagine hearing his voice introducing them. Will be missed.
Arrived in time for church. They were just starting the first hymn. Great words of wisdom and uplifted.
We went over to Binham to deliver the radiator to Jo's parents, after renewing our Holkham pass. Stopped at the Chequers in Binham for a lovely traditional Sunday lunch...not a fancy gastro pub with fancy prices either. We met a couple of lovely dogs, one of which had got bored standing with his owner at the bar, and had quietly chewed through his lead and acted as a hoover around everybody's legs for crumbs, not lifting his head once until he'd been round twice, then smelt fresh air from the open back door, and wandered off for a pee, with his owner catching him before he got into anymore mischief!
I had a wander in the garden yo see the spring flowers and happy with my Hellebores collection. The boys watched the football at home while I caught up with P and L. Lovely long chats with both my siblings, who I've grown closer to again over this last year and understanding how important they are in my life. There were tears, but misunderstandings rectified immediately, because we understand how important it is to be truthful and open with each other now.
Happy to be in this comfy bed tonight.

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