By Arachne

Trying to understand

One of the things that attracted me to the place I now live is how close it is to Oxford's only independent cinema. Since local people formed a Community Interest group to buy it, 18 months ago, I'm even a co-owner. But I don't go often enough. This evening I did, to see All of Us Strangers. What a compelling, layered film! At several points I had to do a retake on what the story I was watching 'actually' was and that continued for a couple of hours after I came out as I went over what I'd seen and as I read other people's interpretations.

Rewriting the past in the changing light of the present is what we do all the time, unaware until our story clashes with someone else's. But how much are we rewriting the present?

I know I missed loads in this intricate, detailed film. Not even sure I've even fully understood the title yet. I might need to go and see it again.

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