By Arachne

School of Rock

Our choir leader, Mel, has more creative energy than anyone I have ever known. She adores getting anyone involved in music but getting us old people to enjoy learning and singing music with others in four of Oxford's twin towns is a bit of a sideline; her real passion is enabling children and young adults to enjoy performing music - our choir started in 1996 as a choir she set up for parents of those in her children's choir. The children's choir continues, though obviously the original children, some now professional musicians, moved on long ago.

Seven years ago she set up a children's musical theatre company, DIY Theatre, and the standard is astonishingly high. I went to one of their performances 2½ years ago and I failed to keep my promise to myself never to miss another one. More fool me. Their productions usually travel to Grenoble and Bonn and are always well received.This afternoon I saw 'School of Rock'. Such enthusiasm and joy in performance! And in some cases, very serious talent.

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