By Arachne


Three weeks ago I made a non-urgent appointment at my GP surgery for a general wellbeing blood test. Which was this morning. On my way out, about 10:10, I asked the receptionist whether you could still get physiotherapy on the NHS. She asked my symptoms (both feet hurting more than they should immediately after my walk in the Chilterns last Friday, the right one, I was sure, as a result of the sprained ankle I ignored nearly five years ago). She had a word with her receptionist colleague. Yes, they could make me an appointment with the physiotherapist.  

Without me having to see a doctor first? Really?

"Oh, look, he's got a free appointment at 10:30 at the health centre (11 minutes' walk away). Can you make that?"


So 20 minutes later I had my first ever appointment with a physiotherapist and I have done the first lot of exercises to sort out a damaged ligament (yes, that sprain) in my right foot and something to do with a nerve in my left foot.

The NHS is wonderful. Please can we have the rest of it back? I am exceptionally lucky that I live in an area that is attractive to health professionals.


I went to see 'Ruckus' this evening, a one-woman play about coercive control. The gradual diminishing in Lou's personality was very skilfully done. It was a clever framing, provoking the audience to watch carefully and spot where it all started.

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