By Hillyblips


Well he looked indignant even through the window. Our latest male pheasant caught under the feeder - Philippe Mk 5 I think and hopefully he will collect his little harem and bring them in to us this season. 

Having changed the mousetrap we have had a lot more success of late. Maurice Mk 5 was let go into the field with a hop, skip and a jump. It wasn't till later I saw the kestrel poised on the telegraph pole and thought , 'Oh no!'
Under normal circumstances I'm quite delighted when my kestrel pair and they do look like a pair again this year, make a catch however this time I stood transfixed in horror thinking poor little M was going to bite the dust. He didn't this time thankfully. I've got quite attached to him really. Yes I know it's weird. 

This morning first thing we toddled to get our holiday vaccinations but they wouldn't even contemplate giving Hubs his at the moment with everything going on. He's now on different antibiotics for a week. 

Scooted to the gym after dropping Poppy off at the dapper dog salon, did a Waitrose shop it being closest then had to wait 3/4 hour for them to finish her. We've been thrown out! They will never groom her again I was told. I even had video footage to show what they meant and personally I quite understood why Poppy was not a happy bunny but she's nearly 17 now and has issues that need to be gently handled. They in their turn needed to groom her so I quite understood that as well. If she needs to go back they want her sedated!! I think I would have to be too. 

Huge thank yous again to everyone who was kind enough to drop in yesterday on my Blipday - it was really lovely of you X

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