..endeavour to persevere

By Nick_T


Utility room painting was completed today, during which I learned that a bad back can be cured by laying on the floor painting skirting boards while in a side plank position, then twisting slightly to reload your paintbrush until you feel a "clonk,clonk,clonk" and a tremendous sense of wellbeing...

Anyway after lunch Jess was going to the hairdresser which was due to take 2.5hrs (what on earth goes on in there?). This was an opportunity for me to wander around Whitehaven Harbour (and have a swift half).

I spent some time trying to take some images for a focus stack through an iron ring on the northern harbour arm. I've faffed about in LR/Photoshop to no avail since and abandoned that for another day.

Meantime here is an image of the Northern & Western lighthouses, there are various other lookout towers, quays and a "Rocket Brigade HQ". 
The town/harbour is well worth a visit, mostly dilapidated like every other town in England but that's where we are..

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