Building Sn3 and N Worlds

By Stationmaster

FINALLY - the farm is done

I finished up the landscaping today as well as the final touches of weathering on all the farm buildings.  The couple buildings in the back ground were built over 30 years ago so they needed a bit of dirting up as well.  The extra is sort of an over shot.  Unfortunately I got done paralux in there - the trees are actually straight.

Only thing really left in th scene is to dirty up the gravel road, and maybe find the tiny figure I painted up as the family son. Tiny. Had the little bugger in the tweezers and when I went over to stick him on the layout he was gone.  Evidentially he did not like the spot I chose and split.  He will probably show up stuck to a locomotive.

Next job - repair a switch motor, and build the patch where I cut out the rock to take out the old cords.  This time of year every thing (cars and locos) go back into storage so I can really clean the track.  That is almost done.  This time of year I also put the 1950 era trains in the boxes and get out the modern trains.  Not nearly the number - just fun.  I will run them for a few months and then back in the box they go and out comes the 1950 again.

When the construction on the N scale is done and things run well, I will start the S scale store for Delores.  It is a Raggs kit I have held for a while and it is a beauty.  More blips coming.

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