High Street is quiet as dawn begins to break, a dark sky with just a little lightness towards the east, no rustling of leaves, no cats on the prowl, just a flicker of lights from advertising signs.

High Street has become a one way street since the earthquakes. Its further on the fences are up but just in front are the Rangiora Sheds - temporary shops, three on the road, another three on the council lawn. 'The Sheds' face in to one another and there's one more just up to our left.

Its all supposed to be temporary but how long is temporary is the question? Once temporary is over what then - does High Street remain one way, should it be closed completely from traffic forming an open mall or should it return to two way traffic, this is the talk of the town.

I'm on my way to the gym in the early hours of the morning, just thought I'd have time for a quick shot.

The rest of the day I've spent with Daughter A and mum, a little mall shopping and lots of grocery shopping. We had lunch out, lovely hot pumpkin and leek soup served with garlic bread for mum and Daughter A and gluten-free toast for myself  - delicious! As I type the day is drawing in, its become dark and grey with a chill in the air, fires round the neighbourhood are being lit and curtains will be drawn early tonight.

Hope your all enjoying a Happy Thursday :)

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