By flavia13


Mum thought she was coming down with a cold so she advised us not to call on her today, especially as Hubby has hospital appointments this coming week.  So we had a day at home.  

Now that would have been great, except I slept very badly (no particular reason) so haven't been up to doing too much anyway.  So a lazy day today, with a little bit of photography revision and tidying up.

Popped into the garden to see what I could blip and I noticed the few purple hellebore that we have (seeds were blown there), there is a 4 or 5 only were in bloom.  So I managed to get down to take a photo of these.

Now I haven't noticed these before today but already these seem to be going over.  Same as the camellia's really but hey they still look pretty.

I did make up a couple of collages of our recent visits to Leighton Moss and Elterwater (see extras).

Going to watch the Great Pottery Throw Down and Death in Paradise tonight, so for once a good night's viewing will be had (instead of the usual DVDs).

That's all from me for today, do take care and stay safe and I will see you all tomorrow.

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