Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

To make the girls wink!

Well after two glorious days we're back to the usual mixture! Wet and windy to begin with, so I decided to give Strength & Balance a miss today, seeing as I have to walk. Then the sun came out, so I thought maybe I should go. Then when it was time to leave it began to rain, so I stayed at home!

I wondered whether to go to Dunollie this afternoon as the sun came out. Mrs M takes the car there, so I would go with her. Then it began to rain - I was hoping to start putting labels out, so wasn't going to work in the wet, so I changed my mind.

Then after Mrs M left the sun came out, so I went for a walk. I'd been meaning to take a photograph of this gate for a while, so it's my Blip today. Not sure that I'd like a pink gate, but each to his own! When I got back it was still dry, so I did some leafmould shovelling, then when it began to rain I went into the greenhouse.

I came in for a cuppa and sat in the kitchen while the sun shone outside. Now it's raining again. I realise I could have completed my Blip today with a single word!

Variable. Or maybe indecisive!

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