By hazelh

Learning to crochet - again

Oh my goodness, that was a lucky escape! At about 03:00 this morning I deeply regretted my earlier party antics, particularly my enthusiasm for the liquid refreshments. 

I have only ever suffered two proper hangovers in my life - the last in February 1994 - and was rather concerned that this might be the third. When we woke for the new day, however, I discovered that I felt reasonably well for an over-indulgent party animal, and our walk with Jackie and Richard before lunch blew away any lingering cobwebs. 

We were meant to be going out for dinner this evening, but instead opted for a cosy night in. Jackie and Anna produced a lovely meal from party left-overs.

This afternoon Anna took up the challenge of teaching me to crochet. This is not the first time that I have tried to learn this skill. On this occasion I feel that I have actually made some real progress. My creation is on the right of this picture.

Tomorrow we will drive back to Edinburgh, with a rendezvous-vous near Penrith to pick up Mummy hazelh to take her home with us.

Exercise today: walking (16,987 steps).

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