By Teasel

Flowering Currant

I worked from home again today.  I just didn’t get myself organised to go into the office today.  As ever I started my day with a pre0-work walk.  It was daylight which is so much better than walking in the dark.
When I got back home, BB was getting ready for school and my load of washing was done, so I hung it out.  That is a definite benefit of working from home.  I then logged on and got stuck into lots of stuff, jumping about from one thing to another all day, which felt quite frustrating.  I ended my day with a useful call with a colleague and made some progress on a tricky issue.
I was just feeding BB, ahead of him going to football training, when we got a message that training was off. TT and I ate later.  I had to pop out for a couple of things later on and then watched some TV.
I spotted this flowering currant bursting into bloom this morning.  I also managed a  walk in the sunshine at lunchtime, and walked past last week’s crocuses (extra).

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