By TheOttawacker

A day of highs and lows, but mostly highs

With the daytime temperature expected to reach 18ºC in Ottawa, which is warmer than it was a week ago on the Costa del Sol, it’s hard not to believe we’re at some sort of tipping point climate-wise. Up bright and early to tackle the NZ work: it’s always much easier to get up when Hallie Cotnam is presenting the CBC morning show.

Due to some serious procrastination on my part, I’d not finished the New Zealand job I was meant to submit today, and so was quickly into the whys and wherefores of various system plans in the Middle East. If that sounds somewhat vague, then I have described it accurately. I’m not sure if I could tell you what it was all about – even if the writers were better than usual and the logic seemed to be good as I was reading it.

That took me till midday. Then I caught up on some blips, took a quick drive to the post office (oh! the lives we lead) and came back to listen to Liverpool’s FA Cup match against Southampton. We won 3-0, with possibly an even more youthful team than finished the Carabao Cup final on Sunday. I’m hoping some players will return before long, as this isn’t sustainable.

Caught up on some blips, then cooked dinner.

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