A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Joe Tree Day

There are so many great winter trees visible at the moment but minutes after I took this shot the heavens opened and I decided I wasn’t going any further to look for my blip in honour of Joe Tree.

What a great thing Joe started and our wonderful  team at Blip central continues. I’m coming up to 14 years of blipping and it’s made a huge change in my life. Always liking photography it has taught me to use that skill to record things about my everyday life that perhaps I wouldn’t have even noticed before. More than that blip is about the great people found here creating special friends across the world.

This tree (two actually) is in our back garden. The Magnolia Soulangia is full of buds and alongside it is Magnolia Susan. The bed underneath is where we see many spring flowers, the green remains of the very early light purple crocus fill it from Christmas on and are now gone over we have to be followed by Iris Reticulata, Anemone Blanda and Tete a Tete’s. Forget me nots and bluebells will follow before it becomes virtually hidden by the trees in full leaf.
It also houses some of our bird feeders so is an interesting focus fur bird activity.

The tufts out of the lawn ( I’ve tried to tread them back in ) are caused by our visiting badgers digging for grubs and the darker grass is created by bird seeds that are missed by the ground feeders. Quite a centre of life in our garden! Of course I love the magnolia blooms but there is always the worry of them succumbing to late frost burn.

Meteorological Spring? I think I can truly say it’s been a vile 1st March so far!

Happy St David’s Day!

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