An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Joe Tree Day 2024...

No trees photographed today so I painted one instead :-)

I feel today I have turned a corner.  

Had a decent sleep, Wide awake at 9am and up and showered.  

After lunch I spent the afternoon in the studio.  Still testing colours for Agnes's painting.  Seeing her and Adrian tomorrow so will run my suggestions past her. 

No naps today, so my energy levels are definitely increasing, although could probably nod off now.  Better find something interesting to watch! 

Twenty years since Joe Tree came up with the concept of Blipfoto.  What an excellent idea that was!  I wonder if he ever imagined it would still be going 20 years later and have grown as much as it has (thanks current team :-)  Proud that this special little corner of the internet is Scottish born and bred, and thanks Joe for the idea and for getting it off the ground.

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