By flavia13


Our usual weekly trip into town this morning.  I left hubby at Kents Road Car Park, walked on down to the Post Office, then along The Esplanade through our little Park Road Gardens and the Sensory Gardens then on down past the Clare House Hotel and onto The Prom.

I went to have a look at what they were doing at The Lido, there were a couple of guys working there today so it was good to see some activity.  Mind you I have to admit that the the huge amount it is costing I have expected to see a lot more people down there working, but perhaps I've just been there at the wrong time.

Then back along The Prom, an Egret flew past (see egrets) fairly close so I managed a quick "snap".  Then on up into Thyme Out to meet hubby for our Bacon Bap.

Now we have frequented Thyme Out for many years, we like the friendlyess of the staff and the coffee.  They have limited choice of cakes and are now really a Greek restaurant but they do breakfast baps at the weekend and the most delicious cherry scones when Jessica is in and has made a fresh batch.  If you want a good choice of cakes and traditional English lunch menu you are better off at The Hazlemere.  We frequent both.

Whilst waiting for my coffee - all of a sudden my glasses appeared on the table in front of  me!!!  Fellow Blipper Flumgummery was quite correct, now that I've ordered another pair the Fairies returned my glasses.  Hubby said whilst he was wiping down the windows of the car this morning, they just caught the corner of his eye - all folded up and looking at him.  We looked in that spot many times I'd even walked over onto the garden at around that spot to have a look so how we missed them and didn't stand on them is beyond me - but they have returned.  So I will now have two pairs, exactly the same.  I popped into the opticians this morning and bought a lanyard so when I go out photographing I can wear them round my neck rather than just thrust them into my pocket!!! Lesson learnt.

I'm now going to sort out my packing for my few days away.  We're going a bit too off season really as there is very little open but then we like it much quieter so it suits us, we just have to hope that the weather isn't as dreadful for the whole 5 days away as it is right now.  It's looking fairly reasonable at the moment though - so fingers crossed.  No matter we will enjoy ourselves and enjoy finding new places we've not been to before or only visited briefly.  As long as I can get to Buttermere and The Solway Coast on semi decent days then I will be more than happy.

I think it's since Hubby's op I just have a need to explore and enjoy  the beautiful area I live in more.  

That's all from me for today.  Do take care and stay safe and I will see you all tomorrow.

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