By JanetMayes

Waning moon

This is my first real attempt to photograph the moon - or more accurately, the second, as the first was more out of focus and more overexposed - so although it's imperfect, I'm quite pleased with it. It was taken outside the back door, just after one o'clock when I was checking doors on my way to bed. It was handheld at 1/60, at the furthest extent of my 55-250mm lens - I don't have anything longer. I could probably improve on the clarity if I used a tripod, though on this occasion the moon was visible through a brief gap in the clouds and I needed to seize the moment. I didn't have time to sort out or experiment with the settings either - I could have used a much lower ISO and smaller aperture. Next time, things will be more considered, but it's a start.

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