By Teasel

Scarlet Elf Cup

It’s been quite a quiet day all round.  There was no rugby this morning, so nothing to rush for.  Instead I had quiet morning of pottering, watching bits of Saturday Kitchen Live and earing toast and marmalade.  I even hung some washing out, but realistically I didn’t have any great hope of it drying. 
TT made lunch, and then we were getting ready to take BB to his football match in Edinburgh.  He couldn’t decide whether he was up to it or not, but had got himself ready.  TT sent him out to try out his hamstring.  He allegedly jogged along the road and back again, came home and said he wouldn’t be able to run at speed, so called off football right at the last minutes’  I’m sure the coaches will have been cursing him.
I had been planning a canal walk In Edinburgh  to get my daily steps, so I had to make another plan and just went out for a local walk.  It got grey and it rained off and on-  so not a fabulous afternoon to be out and about.  The boys were going to visit a family friend who is in hospital –which they did, alas he was asleep when they got there.  They didn’t hang around.  Luckily the hospital is very local to us.
When I got home from my walk, the kitchen was smelling amazing.  TT was making a Balti pie for tea.  It was delicious – I really enjoyed it.  BB missed out, as he was off out and needed fed before he went.  The pie wasn’t ready, so he had a big plate of scrambled eggs, with smoked salmon, on bagels.  He was meant to be going to a party, but I think the parents must have got cold feet, as the party was called off this afternoon.  TT headed out anyway to meet up with some friends, then they went back to another friend’s house. He came home at a reasonable hour.
TT spent all evening ,marking – not how anyone wants to be spending Saturday evening.  I watched Monuments Men, which I think should have been better than it was.
I have never seen scarlet elf cup before, so was quite excited when I spotted it this afternoon.  It brightens up another wise grey day.

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